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3459 was the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera during August 2016. The exhibition connected London and New York (the distance 3459 miles) by using Tom’s Etching Studio (Hackney Wick) and Flux Factory (Queens) as the two portals to do so. Artists and viewers were connected through a 6 day live stream between the two spaces. With the time difference acting as a natural curator, the public were invited to witness the transition and coming together of the two gallery spaces as time permitted. The theme of the exhibition arose from its format, inviting artists to build from their own interpretation of this ‘marriage’. The two spaces hosted installed works and a schedule of performances on a daily basis. The aim always, to connect individuals and question the boundaries physical space imposes.


Luminiferous Aether brought the depiction of light and space in painting together with light projection and an internet journey in 'google street view' - from La Guardia airport to Flux Factory in Queens, New York. A play between the physical and the virtual expressed through light.

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